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We have thirty years experience organising Hajj and Umrah for hundreds of thousands of people. Located in the center of Istanbul and with an expanded network in many areas of Turkey, plus overseas. We have permanent staff who also train staff in the cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. We began organising Hajj and Umrah trips from Turkey in 2010. After that we also started offering non-alcohol hotels reservations to the public. In Turkey, the sector, which is generally called Villa Rental, Islamic hotel, Islamic Holiday, Halal Holiday, Hijab hotels and Alternative hotels, is growing rapidly every year. ElçiTur, which only reserves non-alcoholic hotels, has become the leading agency in the sector with 450.000 Umrah and 75.000 Haj pilgrims, 25.000 Jerusalem visitors and 65.000 people visiting Islamic hotels. With the support of our customers who chose us for Umrah, Hajj and Islamic hotels, we have been honored with awards and lead the trends of the sector. We have become the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to this kind of holiday. We continue on our way, growing day by day with our correct and honest service policies, infrastructure and technology investments that we have made since our establishment. Believing that customer satisfaction and quality service are above all else, the experienced employees of elçi Tur continue to make all necessary preparations every day in order to meet all your needs quickly and to provide you with an unforgettable holiday experience. Thank you for choosing us for our quality, safe and devoted service. Within Turkey Elçi tur has an extensive service network and has strong links with independent hotels within the country. It has a strong online presence which always offers the highest quality products and aims to provide its’ guests with an affordable price advantage.

Service Quality

You can easily find everything you want from Umrah, Hac, domestic hotels to international and cultural tours in Elçi Tur, which certifies its service quality with international ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management certificates. Moreover, corporate travel, fair and congress services are all selected under a single roof by scrutiny by expert staff.The importance that Elçi Tur gives to its esteemed customers is the basis of the sectoral success of Elçi Tur, which always travels in the light of the opinions of the guests in the planning of products and services and listens to every view.

Our quality policy

With its expert staff and professional structuring, İslamiotel.com aims to meet 100% customer satisfaction by evaluating its customers as its guests, by fully meeting the legal regulations and customer expectations, by adopting and implementing continuous improvement with technology, human resources and infrastructure investments. For this reason, we continue to be the name of trust in the industry, which we have been leading for 30 years.

Our vision

Elçi tur is working to send customers from all over turkey to umrah, hac and islamic hotels and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction
Our Mission
Elçi Tur always has a structure that is open to change and innovation and works customer-oriented.elçi Tur is primarily for the customer. It aims to make all the possibilities of technology available to its customers and personnel and to make a difference in its work. It always tries to be the tour operator to be preferred by the customer and the employee.

Our Services in Halal Villas and Islamic Hotels

Elçi tur is suitable for families that prefer holidays that is suitable for islamic religion.especially for honeymoon couple .With Our superior and experienced staff we visit Halal villas, islamic hotels and facilities for you We choose for you sheltered villas that are not seen from the outside. We also choose hotels that offer separate swimming pools, ladies beach and sunbathing areas, soft drinks, halal food, men and women separate spa centers.We give you complete true information about our facilities. In addition, our staff not only inform you about the facility, but also keep in touch with the facility officials in order to have a pleasant and trouble-free holiday.The halal villas are suitable for all our of our guests as you can have your private space, sunbathe with your family,swim when they want, Waking up whenever you want, having your breakfast and dinner ready, or cooking the food you want,you are able to do what they want unlimitedly. Halal villa offers you you a great stay with your friends or family. We offer you the most suitable villas according to your needs and wishes from many different holiday regions, by rigorously searching and finding them on our website.

We also serve in Islamic hotels, Non-Alcoholic City Hotels, Non-Alcoholic Thermal and Thermal Hotels, Non-Alcoholic Winter Ski Hotels, Summer Non-Alcoholic Holiday Hotels.

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