What is Halalvilla.com?

Halal Villa® is a world-famous brand that aims to give it’s customers a unique holiday experience under Islamic conditions. Our aim is to provide our customers with holiday options depending on Islamic rules.
As Muslims, we are proud to offer quality alternative vacation options to your conservative families.

What makes our villas different?

Our villas are specially designed for conservative families and have luxurious standards as well as spacious swimming pools and sunbathing areas that are absolutely non-visible. Many of our villas are located close to the beaches.

How do you guarantee your holiday options are of high quality?

Our approach to our holiday options we offer to our customers is entirely quality oriented and we take care that the services we provide are in a way that will satisfy our customers' requests and at reasonable prices.
We regularly visit and inspect the facilities and services we provide to our customers The swimming pools are only open to the usage of villa guests.